Re: [CR]Coats of paint

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Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 00:16:20 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Coats of paint
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Sound advice to Sam except for the bread crumbs; you know damn well the dogs would get them before they even hit the ground. Perhaps something they would regret eating like jacks, tobasco sauce, or those gunpowder coated pop corns you get in Mexico might be better.

Anyone have a broken arm yet from patting each other on the back? God, it's great to have friends! BTW, what planet is John from, anyway?

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Sam,
> If Brian B. will walk you through his work area, don't forget your hard hat,
> steel toe boots, safety glasses, gas mask, flame retardant clothing and bread
> crumbs to find your way back.
> Joe Bell
> San Diego
> wrote:
> > Brian 15 coats? paint become brittle with more than 3 mills on there. I
> > have used PPG, DuPont, PCL, and others -- base coat, thin clear coat, dry
> > then color sand, add decals and custom stripes, two top coats possible three
> > of clear. You do paint far better than I do so I am not trying to debate
> > this. I have put intricate flames on old cars with less steps. I wish I had
> > the time and you felt like walking me through your work area sometime I might
> > learn something. Sam DiBartolomeo in Southern CA