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Subject: Re: [CR]Here we go on Ebay again...Peugeot
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 20:13:09 -0500

I believe he is list member Mario Girasa who ID'd himself to all of us just a few weeks ago. I have bought a number of his auction items and contacted him in privite on some other items I needed and he came through on those too. He knows what he has and its' value and is able to get top dollar; seems reasonable given the very high quality of the high end items he's selling. If I recall correctly he had a connection to Mike Kone from Bicycle Classics back when it was located here in the East. He's a great source of parts and I would recommend him to anyone on the list.

Eric Elman Somers, CT (yes, I got the Sutter in the house and no one noticed - I guess things are so out of hand now that one other bike doesn't draw attention anymore - that's good......right?!)

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> Dale wrote:
> >
> > This looks like a very nice bike.. Is the seller one of our CR "club"
> > members? I would like to have nice large versions of those
> > pictures for the
> > CR....
> >
> >
> I sorta know who the guy is (know his name anyway), from buying something
> from him. I bet a few of us know who he is, as he has positive feedback
> from 115 unique buyers just since November, and classic lightweight stuff is
> pretty much all he sells. I've e-mailed him to ask if I can "out" him, but
> I'll respect his wish if he'd rather remain anonymous.
> He had to switch to the alias Photocyclist in November when his previous
> alias, gomesbike, was booted by ebay for "keyword spamming" - too much
> naming of other brand names in auction descriptions so your auction will
> turn up in searches. I feel he was unjustly booted. While I don't like
> keyword spamming when it's excessive or intended to mislead, the ones he was
> booted for were mild in my opinion - I see plenty worse every day.
> I mention the gomesbike alias because in fairness he ought to get credit for
> all that positive feedback he had accrued under his old alias too.
> He's got over a hundred auctions going right now including the '58 Campy
> crank currently over $1000 with a week to go! I would like to know where he
> gets all this stuff - anyone know?


> Mark Bulgier

> Seattle, Wa