[CR]style for fashion's sake, style for use, MACS, etc.

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 16:30:18 EST
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Subject: [CR]style for fashion's sake, style for use, MACS, etc.

one reason people assume that bikes don't 'last' and they 'need' to replace them is that this is how the industry markets itself. that's why it is called the bicycle BUSINESS.


yes yes. there is a wonderful book called THE FIFTIES that chronicles the progress of popular culture during that era and speaks to the sea-change in the auto industry that decade. essentially, the author suggests, the auto industry was concerned because americans were holding onto their cars rather than replacing them on (at least with the frequency that the big three might have preferred) and so, in order to rectify that dilemma, the introduced the "model" year (or at least popularized it)--suggesting that cars, like hemlines, had to be adjusted on an annual basis in order that the owner might be considered relatively with it and de riguer and all of that. the differences were primarily cosmetic (at least until the '56/'57 chevy era) but it seemed to take hold. still does.

nevertheless, I cannot understand how in the advancement of style and industry that neither the auto or the bicycle field can (or is willing to) address the value of style in a utilitarian object. or at least, put the amount of heart and soul into conceiving an aesthetic that draws you in; isn't that in their commercial--as well as aesthetic--best intererests?

I am also a hesitant but cautiously happy owner of a new MAC OS10.1 operating system. if anyone else on the list is (I imagine the style-cravers among you just might be) you very well might agree with me that the fact that this OS is so appealing visually makes one more inclined to spend time operating it, or, if it is not a matter of choice, at least it becomes more enjoyable. looking at a prettier trash can is a nice feeling, just for example. (if you own a PC, have a friendly mac person show you what I mean here...)

as for bikes, I know that looking down riding a colnago master makes me want to ride longer than when I look down at my battleship grey klein. all those pretty colors and figures. why not? I ask. how about you?

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