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Hi Dale and all of the supporters (List members!)

I must say, thanks a bunch to all for your support!!....... I am not always on the ball all the time!! And I know that there are a few loose ends we need to take care of, mostly missing items!! I will take care of these little problems very soon!..........Off hand there are 3 list members who are waiting! So if need so, please bug me!! A bug in the pants every once in awhile is good!!.........At present we are still overhauling the warehouse and installing a new shipping system with a total of 3 controls before anything leaves the warehouse! This became priority due to the increase of mis-shipped or missing items! Of course as the (Biz!) grows the numbers of faults will rise!! It's not good when something ends up in Japan when it should of been in Alaska!!

As for the duties that boss Dale got popped for, by law duties are due on all goods arriving into the States! But as it turns out almost 100% entering the States is duty free! I was told by U.S customs that most of these packages will just walk through!

Now I read Jerry post concerning these duties!! Depending on port of entry! Ports of entry with high volume will tend to let these items slip in a lot easier!! There is just to much volume going through and theres not enough people to do the leg work! There is no way they can pinch everybody for duties!.......If so they would need processing centers the size of several Football fields and this type of space is not available at these Airports!!.......And the rents are not cheap at these places!! But every once in awhile one will get pulled for inspection and perhaps processed for duties!! SF, LA, NJ, NY, Alanta, Seattle Miami, and Chicago are some of the high volume ports of entry!!.........The chance of getting popped for duties will happen more with lower volume ports of entry! Meaning, the customs people has more time on their hands to pinch someone for duties!!.........All this was passed on to me from a friend who works for the U.S customs!!..........My big customers in these aera has not gotten popped yet!! The U.S customs are more interested in getting the ''BIGGER FISH!!''....But every once in awhile a customs agent will do his job and do what is needed to be done in order to comply with the laws!! By chance I only know of 3 or 4 customers who were pinched by the U.S customs and they were all list members!!

Before going on line I did a lot of reserch on certain things and this was one of them that concerned me the most other than shipping charges.........Needed to see which ball field I could play on.

Once again, thanks to all!

Regards, BC Baron Corpuz...........and the gang!!.......Holland!!...........Just humming away!!

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> << Could anyone that has dealt with Renaissance Cycles please drop me
> a line (off list) and let me know what their experience was like? I've not
> ordered overseas before so don't know. >>
> I won't answer off list! I will step up and say for all to hear that I have
> never dealt with anyone as on-the-ball as Baron Korpuz at Renaissance! He is
> a prompt shipper, he packs stuff well, has reasonable prices, has excellent
> quality items.... Geez, this guy is amazing!
> I have finally recently been tapped by the USA Customs for some duty .. Maybe
> I hadn't been noticed by them the first few times. Looked to be about 10%...?
> My highest marks go to Renaissance Bicycles!
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