Re: [CR]Centurion Bicycles?

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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 07:58:34 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Centurion Bicycles?

I know that this might stretch the time and aesthetic parameters of CR, however:

I actually found the mid 80's centurion ironman, with its easter egg purple and yellow paint job, to be one of the more attractive bikes available in "one's local bike store."

about $300, right? tange tubing, shimino 105 or so? very pretty, still, at least I thought. sorry that it wasn't built by the apparently very infamous a. esientraut, as was the bike ridden by dave scott (as I recall)--

I remember, in fact, that centurion had an ad for their bikes with dave scott racing upon an ironman. I would love to dig that up, and see to what extent AE's handiwork might or might not be apparent...

ricky garni carrboro, nc

of course, I also remember falling in love with the raleigh record in the 60's--the first ten speed I ever saw. did anyone else fall into one of those as a kid? it replaced my chopper (bicycle) quite nicely...