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Subject: [CR]Re: black chrome

The term "Black Chrome" has been used for a couple of different bike finishes.

One version of "black chrome" appeared on 1980s BMX bikes and a few road bikes, (even some of the Bianchi "Anniversario" framesets). On these bikes, the frame is entirely chromium plated, then painted with transluscent black paint. The durablility depended upon the type of paint and surface preparation.

True "black chrome" is a plating process which requires different materials and acids than chrome plating. It is more time-consuming, as there are additional steps, and it requires very careful temperature and solution control/agitation to prevent streaking or blotchiness.

Black Chrome can be applied over bright chromium or nickel surfaces, or over gold plating for a distinctive black-yellow finish.

Aldo Ross

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> >Oscar Wastyn bikes from the 1960's are around. They look like much more
> >finely finished Schwinn Paramounts from the same time. He black-chromed a
> >few, also.
> >David Feldman
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> hello,
> could you expand on this term 'black-chromed'?
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