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Subject: RE: no-logo brakes (was re: [CR]Details of changes to Record brak es)
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 13:30:19 -0800

And well-known to the japanese collectors too. A set Hilary was selling recently went on ebay for over 800 bucks as I recall. To Japan. I topped out at about 400 on those. These are very rare, and very collectable.

Charles Andrews Los Angeles
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> Tony Beckett wrote:
> >
> > It appears to be not widely known that the very first
> Record brakes had
> > plain arms with no wording at all. I am lucky enough to
> have a pair and
> > have them in front of me as I type this. Brev Campagnolo
> appears on the
> > cable adjuster and quick release. Brev Camp appears on the
> pivot bolt.
> > The bolt itself has the usual spanner flats but does not have the
> > chamfers top and bottom and therefore the front will foul
> some headset
> > fork crown races.
> >
> > This form of brake must have only been produced for a very
> short time,
> > maybe less than a year, and I would be very interested to
> know how many
> > more sets there are out there.
> Hi Tony,
> Actually these are very well known among collectors here in
> the US. Did
> you know that the patended toothed washer came after the
> introduction of
> the brakes (first brakes didn't have them)?
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California