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Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:15:45 -0800
From: "Jim Allen" <jimallen@nctimes.net>
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Subject: Re: [CR]DP40 primer Can you still buy it?
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:14:25 -0800
From: Jim Allen
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San Diego County, location for Brian, is under the San Diego Air Pollution Control Distirct.

Quite a bit more lenient on allowed matierials than South Coast Air Quality Management District.

See http://www.arb.ca.gov/DRDB/SD/CURHTML/R67-20.HTM for the actual regulations.



Wornoutguy@aol.com wrote:
> Last I heard DP40 was not allowed by South Coast Air Quality District here in
> So Cal they were allowing it as a specialty coating for a while but not
> anymore is not compliant when used with top coats nor is any other catalyzed
> primer. On that same note the people who responded to me about painting with
> Lacquer, Enamel, Synthetic Enamel, etc., they are all illegal just having
> them on my shop shelf would have cost me thousand of dollars per can. Almost
> every shop I know of has had to go to water borne primers. I also miss K200
> boy could that stuff fill. DP40 was a life saver on classic car restorations
> we would sand blast then DP40 the entire shell of the car. If you blast and
> leave it rust starts to form immediately. Brian and the other bike painters
> know more about what they are getting away with there is a big difference
> between one off paint jobs and production.
> Sam DiBartolomeo Southern Ca.