Re: [CR]eBay auction for vintage packing material

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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 09:49:33 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]eBay auction for vintage packing material
From: Bob Reid <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
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Dear Chuck,
> I mistakenly thought this auction featured that elusive piece of vintage
> packing material that was used for the Flying Scots that were shipped to
> America for the 1960 US Olympic Cycling Team.

That's where proper research pays off - The one Flying Scot, that I've got original documentation of being shipped to Canada (S.S.Laurentia) was packed in a wooden crate ! In fact it weighed just over 1 cwt. (50kg) now if the machine weight, including a spare set of wheels, was no more than 13kg that was one sturdy box. That flimsy piece of cardboard just wouldn't cut it.

More of the wierd and wonderful ;

In February 1944, Wing Commander, Leonard Chesire V.C. led an R.A.F raid (617 squadron, Guy Gibson's 'Dam Busters') on Limoges in France, and after a few passes to get the 300 female employees to evacuate the factory. flattened the Gnome-Rhone production facility (producing aero engines). Now knowing what Gnome et Rhone also produced in peacetime - was this why in the post war period, the French introduced punitive charges on all imports from Britain on cycles and accessories ? This despite the fact that the British government legislated to ensure that the majority of cycles and accessories produced, were actually for export and not for home use - as part of the drive to help rebuild Europe ? How's that for gratitude. A postcript to this was the Ti Reynolds factory in France - Might 'French' dimension tubing have something to do with dodging the punitve charges ?

Bob (up here, we've alway's been the French allies)Reid