Re: [CR]Vintage Irvine Group/Meets San Deigo Faction

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 13:51:39 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: Sterling Peters <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Irvine Group/Meets San Deigo Faction
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Hey, what are you using for bait overthere, Sterling? Is trolling allowed on the List? Are the "fish" biteing this time of year?? I hear one gets best results if you chum the water first with early Super Record rear derailliers, womans' Brooks and Ideale saddles, and sparkely shiney rolls of handelbar tape. If you aren't using tandem gauge brake cables, you run the risk of loosing them before you get them into the boat. Just a few tips for ya from an old pro, Sterling! Last one I caught by dangleing the rear seat of a tandem in front of one.

Seriously folks, next time we need to get together earlier and spend a longer time socializing. Staring at bikes ten deep isn't quite as much fun as getting up close. Just something to put into the hamper for next time.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Paul ,you and all the good looking women cyclists in your group are welcome
> anytime.
> Sterling
> >Fellow CR's,
> > Yes indeed our 74.2 miler from the Irvine Amtrak Station, to Solana
> >Beach,was a
> >very chilly start at 8:30am 40 F, as the sun came out and we hit the hills
> >of
> >south
> >east Orange county,we managed to climb 1400ft through Rancho Santa
> >Margarita,
> >to contiune through Mission Viejo,then yes what goes up must come down ,we
> >headed west somewhere east of San Clemente on Ortega Hwy, to descend to
> >almost
> >sea level @ 180ft....Thank GOD! I bitched the whole way. We rode through
> >nice
> >residential neigborhoods ,only to take a break close to the old Western
> >Whitehouse
> >owned by ol Tricky Dick, Then we pressed on along the scenic (and Lately in
> >the news) San Anofre Nuclear Plant,then due to the Sept 11 closure of Camp
> >Pendelton
> >we proceeded on the shoulder of the I-5fwy for 8miles, before arriving in
> >Oceanside.
> >
> > The last leg of our journey took us through many North San Diego (SURFER
> >Towns)
> >where when I was a teen spent many hours of the cliffs of "Swamis" in
> >Encinitas surfin the big right point, Cowabonga...and finally to Solana
> >Beach..where I finally
> >got to chat with the renowened Brian B. along with Jim C, Of course our
> >bikes
> >didn't hardly compare, with our circa 80's Bridgestones,Motobecane Grand
> >jubilee,
> >and Mirage Sport, Khs ,old steel treks,My 68 PX-10, and many other downtube
> >shifter bikes from the 80's,I introduced many of the 24 riders, Men and
> >women
> >that managed to ingest those 10" personal Pizza's and enjoy the fellowship,
> >but the
> >60's something Chromed Cinelli caught my eye,indeed the fine Masi cycles
> >and
> >wow
> >is that Scott from LA, and the other Cinelli guy from the Pasedena rides.
> >We
> >all
> >enjoyed the fun and the ride on Amtrak was pleasant if you call riding
> >backwards
> >in a train while lookin out the window at the Pacific. Any way I would like
> >to
> >close with Hope we can arrange more of these rides in the spring!
> >
> > Till we meet again!
> > Paul Grant
> > Riverside, CA