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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 18:11:50 -0500

Sorry for the confusion/concern that I unintentionally created with "MY" chronology of Campy calipers.After arriving at home this PM,I checked the different calipers in my possession & was mistaken regarding the Script logo. They do in fact have the Anniversary profiled calipers.I am also including emails from Tom Dalton which really address my original reason for asking the question.Is there a correlation between vintage/country of origin/ frame builder/that can be used as a rough guideline to selecting proper caliper length? I have included his response for all who might be interested. Nick Zatezalo The skies are clearing & I can see more clearly now in Atlanta

Tom Wrote: Your question was clearly stated. The issue was with your lead in which set some of the CR Campy freaks (Boral, myself) into a panic, thinking that there might be a version of the NR calliper that they hadn't seen/collected!!!!

The generalizations that I made are based on my observations and recollection. But, I've only been around bikes since about 1982, so the final word on the normal-reach to short-reach transition might be extracted from someone who has been around longer... particulrly someone who builds frames, like Sachs, Bayliss, et al.

--- nickzz@mindspring.com wrote:

> Thanks Tom.

\r?\n> That is what I was looking for.

\r?\n> NZ


\r?\n> Tom Dalton <tom_s_dalton@yahoo.com> wrote:

\r?\n> > I may not be 100% correct here but my general

\r?\n> impression is this: If it is before the mid 1970's,

\r?\n> a

\r?\n> frame is almost certain to be normal (long) reach.

\r?\n> Mid 70's to late 70's some bikes were short, most

\r?\n> normal. Late 1970's to early 1980's things were

\r?\n> quickly moving toward short reach. By the mid 80's

\r?\n> pretty much all bikes were short reach. Of course,

\r?\n> this all applies to racing bikes. When It comes to

\r?\n> touring bikes, normal reach (if not canti's) is the

\r?\n> rule.


\r?\n> As for the wheel size issue you mentioned, bikes are

\r?\n> built for EITHER 700C OR 27 inch wheels. A bike is

\r?\n> either one or it is the other. However, in some

\r?\n> cases

\r?\n> people have used longer callipers to covert a 27"

\r?\n> bike

\r?\n> to 700c and shorter callipers to go the other way.


\r?\n> Tom Dalton

\r?\n> --- nickzz@mindspring.com wrote:

\r?\n> > The chronology was a best guess on my part.What I

\r?\n> > really wanted to know is what brakes work on what

\r?\n> > frames?Is there a simple way of saying bikes from

\r?\n> > the '70s use normal reach.Bikes from the '80s

\r?\n> > use short reach.Italian frames generally used

\r?\n> normal

\r?\n> > reach.British frames generally used short

\r?\n> > reach.French bikes well I won't go there.

\r?\n> > That is really what my question is about.Sorry for

\r?\n> > the confusion.

\r?\n> > Nick Zatezalo

\r?\n> > Atlanta,Ga

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Tom Dalton wrote:

\r?\n> > > Nick,

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > How certain are you on this chronology? I have

\r?\n> > never

\r?\n> > seen a script-logo on a NR/SR caliper except those

\r?\n> > having the "Anniversary" profile. Also, I have

\r?\n> > never

\r?\n> > seen a script logo caliper of any kind that was

\r?\n> > normal

\r?\n> > reach. By the time the script logo came around,

\r?\n> > normal reach was far from the norm, and as far as

\r?\n> I

\r?\n> > know Campy had either stopped making the longer

\r?\n> > calipers or was producing a small volume of the

\r?\n> > block

\r?\n> > logo variety.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Tom Dalton