Re: [CR]dropout hanger alignment

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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 14:01:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]dropout hanger alignment
To: garth libre <>
In-Reply-To: <002701c1a5e2$b6e77aa0$53bd56d1@Marta>

> Can modern
> aluminum frames have the dropout aligned as
> painlessly? Carbon fiber? Titanium? Is this an
> example of steel superiority? Garth Libre in
> Surfside Fl.

For aluminum, sometimes realigment is possible, somtimes the hanger just breaks off. Carbon? Usually the dropouts on carbon frames are aluminum. Titanium? I once tried to align a Merlin hanger but I ended up snapping the Campy tool first. In other words ti hangers (at least on Merlins) are so stong that they should rarely require alignment. However, should alignment be required, due to a crash or bad production, it is nearly impossible to accomplish using standard techniques.

One plus to certain modern bikes is that they have replaceable hangers. In the end though, I have to admit that being able to easily align a good old Campy dropout, possibly multiple times, does make old bikes easier to service. Hanger alignment is somewhat less critical to the function of wide spaced friction setups also, at least relative to, say, 10-speed Ergo.

Finally, don't overestimate the value of those tools for gauging proper hanger aligment. Even the Shimano version, which is far more elaborate than the Campy, is imperfect. A lot of derailleurs wobble as you tighten them into the hanger, so the relationship between the hanger angle and the final derailleur orientation is not predictable. Ultimately the job is best done by eye, using the tool as a big lever, but not necessarily as a precise gauge.

Tom Dalton