RE: [CR]Vintage cyclometers timeline

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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 14:03:13 -0500
From: "Daniel Artley" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Vintage cyclometers timeline

I think the Huret belt drive odometer was available about '75, '76. Before that, period correct was the cheap metal one that went tick tick tick! That one had a little star wheel and a pin that clamped to the spokes and had one calibration. The belt drive one was much more versatile with the two pulley wheels. Now, which one was that again? The small one for 27" wheels and the big one for 26"?

Dan Artley Parkton, Maryland
>>> "David Bilenkey" <> 01/28/02 01:11PM >>> And what years was this unit made/available? I have a couple that I got for free but I'm curious not only about what was in use, but when it was in use as well.

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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There's always the Huret Multito belt-driven odometer.

Leonard Bulger
Ann Arbor, MI