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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:05:26 -0800
Subject: [CR]Fw: Rossin paint probs


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Sorry for the delay. Yes I don't participate as much on the CR list as I used to. I'm trying to focus on several large projects. The day to day at CyclArt leaves me little time, for example our CyclArt email was down on Fri. due to a defective DSL router that was being replaced.

I can understand your frustration with this problem and your desire to seek a solution.

The seat binder on the Rossin is very demanding of the paint, having no recess and a narrow area that engages the binder and being especially conspicous in it's design. There is tremendous crushing and twisting force as the binder is tightened. I highly recommend the use of bearing grease to lubricate this area prior to assembly. Addition of binder bolt washer would also be a good thing to as it would allow the twisting actin to occur between plated surfaces and not against fresh paint.

We oven bake our finishes to increase their durability and to allow prompt asembly, Still it's true that even after through baking, urethane enamels continue to cure and gain durability for 30 days.

The serrated edges of the quick release and high clamping pressure at the dropout invariably cause some paint damage, this is worse with multilayer pearl finishes as on the bike you assembled, because the paint film is thicker, allowing more crush and shearing.

I hope the touch up paint we supply with every refinish was useful. With pealescent colors like that it may be best to top off the touch up with a little clear fingernail polish to increase gloss.

In the many thousands of bikes we have painted over the past 26 years, a handful of adhesion problems have occured. There are numerous possible causes. In fact, I have been hired as a consultant to a large bike manufacturer to solve just this problem after many efforts to remedy it had failed them. In any case, if the finish seems to be fragile in normal use, we will redo the job at no charge. All our finishes are guaranteed for 2 years. We recently had a 20 year old refinsih come in on a Paramount that had the classic roof rack/garage collison. Apart from the bent toptube and down tube, which we will replace, the paint held up great, even where the tubes had creased.

Thanks for contacting me, let me know if there's soemthing else I can help with. Feel free to post this message to the CR group if you wish.

Jim Cunningham CyclArtist Vista, CA I hope Paul is happy with the finished project. I hope to hear from him soon.

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I'm sure Jim has suggestions, but he is out sick. I will forward this message to him, although it would have been nice to get a telephone call or at least an email directly when you encountered these problems. Sincerely,

Susan Cunningham 760-599-1015 ext.18 weekdays 10am-6pm http://www.cyclart.com

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Hi Jim, Just realized havent seen you on the CR list lately. I posted this message to the group last week. Was not intending to besmerch your work as I thought it exquisite and genuinely wanted to know what I (we) could have done to avoid messing up the paint at contact points on Paul's Rossin.

Comments appreciated:

"Think this is on topic though has implications to other bike
      > projects as well.
      > Ive just helped a friend put together a Rossin with beautiful
      > restoration and paint by Cyclart.
      > It broke my heart to have a largish flap of paint roll up and off
      > the newly refinshed and painted seat binder bolt area on the seat
      > lug - this was a non recessed style binder bolt seat lug and we
      > were using a Campy binder bolt. I was also frustrated to see
      > paint lifting around the rear dropouts as the quick release was
      > carefully (believe me) adjusted and closed.
      > Is this inevitable when attaching things to painted surfaces?
      > Should a newly painted frame be allowed to sit and cure for some
      > extended period of time before attempting to build up? Are there
      > things one can do to minimize this damage?
      > Please everyone feel free to join in but I'd sure like to hear
      > from Jim, Brian, Richard, David and any other professional frame
      > maker - painter out there.
      > Thanks
      > Tom Rawson"
      > Oakland, CA