Re: [CR]Singer is Awesome!

From: "Douglas R. Brooks" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Singer is Awesome!
To: (Bicycle Classics inc)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 23:03:51 -0400 (EDT)
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Methinks I overstated my point about the Singer sport racer on eBay, though I suppose I feel that in this particular arena Singer has peers. Several of the bikes I mentioned, particularly the Sachs and the Joe Starck-built Rivendell, strike me as truly excellent examples of sport racers, but that is all just one fella's feelings. With respect to the true audax and cyclotourers (with carriers, fenders, lighting etc.) I believe Mike Barry, though I would not presume to speak for him at all, would say that he has indeed been inspired by Singer and Herse. I can say with confidence that his Mariposas are as remarkable for their details and design in this arena in which Singer and Herse have so few peers. But all that said, I demur and concede the point happily and with gratitude to Mike Kone: I think I have never ridden _any_ bike that rides better than Singer. From that experience it's easy to see how a Singer sport racer would be just as special. If I could find one in my size I would be allll over it... I particularly appreciated Mike's observations regarding the lug construction, filleting of brass on top of the lug, and the attention to other details. Have these sorts of details in building persisted? That would be wonderful. Roland Csuka worked as a welder in the Citroen factory during the day and built the frames at night, or so says GH who told me this and many more things. Roland and Ernst Csuka were, I believe, married into Singer's family but I have to refresh my I recall the story involves having married twin Hungarian women who came to Paris, as Singer did, as immigrants. I may have this goofed up but I'll go check my notes. Word has it that Csuka's son has indeed taken now a serious interest in the shop and that the tradition will continue. One can only hope.

If all bikes rode half as nice as Singers, well, that would be something.
Douglas Brooks
Canandaigua, NY