Re: [CR]Masi vs Forgeries - non fact opinion

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 22:07:31 -0600
From: M4Campy <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi vs Forgeries - non fact opinion
References: <> wrote:
> Consistent design, consistent craftsmanship, consistent materials quality = brand.
> His brand was Masi, he made bicycles, not mysterious

To his exacting standards, etc... Well said Stevan **** boy! Whether or not he made the frame is moot. He was the torch bearer, passed it on to others that made Masi's to at least his set standard, etc... So what if in later years it was just product endorsement.?.

I guess the question is... At which point do we not consider Masi's the real thing? Once this lineage dries up. How many times can you pass the torch before the flame goes out?

But this extends far beyond Masi! Hetchins, Jack Taylor, how many other frames out there were made long after the master was gone?

Mike "Off to see Shamu in Orlando" Wilkinson Parker, CO