[CR]RE: Rodney Moseman (updated 9 Apr)

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This is an update to Joe Stafford's earlier report, Rachel Kreider is the Lancaster Bike Club contact for news of Rodney Moseman. She and her husband Carl were on the cross country ride with the group. The web pages detailing the ride are at <http://lancfarmer.tripod.com/lancasterbikerstrip/>. Please send your letters and cards to the new address, I'll have a get well card to sign at my ride on the 27th and one at the Cirque.

Roy H. Drinkwater Lititz, PA

From: "Carl Kreider" <cr57ford@dejazzd.com>, Tuesday 10 p.m.

I just spoke with Verna this evening. She has moved from the Motel to an efficiency apartment within the hospital complex. Her address is:

Verna Moseman Rm 215 The Deming Pavilion 204 S. Saratoga St. New Orleans, LA 70112

Rodney was in surgery this evening when I talked to Verna. They were setting his pelvis and right leg. He opens his eyes when they talk to him and turns his head. Rodney's sister is with Verna this week.

Rachel Kreider