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Mr. Moseman is a shopowner from Lititz, PA, but is hospitalized in New Orleans? Did the accident occur while he was on vacation there? Many years ago, soon after we were married, my wife and I took our bikes on a vacation to New Orleans, and rode extensively about the city. Much more practical to move about the French Quarter by bike than car, since car parking is banned on many streets there. In those days, New Orleans seemed a fairly good place to cycle, but perhaps things have deteriorated in recent years. I certainly hope Mr. Moseman a rapid recovery.


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Well, I do not know Mr. Moseman. But, this is very sad. One of the hazards of our sport? So, now that spring is finally here, lets "all be careful out there", or "lets do it to them before they do it to us". O.K., the latter is not really a good idea, but anytime I can quote a line from "Hill Street Blues"... Seriously, Wishing Rodney a speedy recovery, Richard Rose (rainy Toledo)

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<< Rodney Moseman, retired proprietor of a wonderful shop in Lititz, PA,

and builder of beautiful tandems, was hit and very seriously injured by a truck. He is in intensive care in New Orleans. >>

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