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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 22:56:47 EDT
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On the Rolls bikes I remember several quality ranges. In the mid-seventies the West Point Cycling Team all came down to race NC State University in Raleigh NC in some sort of college league circuit. The West Point Team all rode Rolls bicycles. While the bikes were in good shape, the riders tubulars were of the Army Surplus variety and suffered reliability problems.

They guys are probably all generals now.

Rolls to you,

Gilbert Anderson in Raleigh, NC USA

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<< i can't get the picture link to work but...

rolls was a brand name that came on frames imported to the u.s. in the early 70s by rosario ando of new york. in the beginning, all rolls were colnago supers, except they had a rolls decal on the down tube, all the while having all the other typical colnago decals on the other areas of the frame. the rolls decals were clearcoated, not stuck on. mr. ando was having colnago make the frames for him. it was in that time that colnagos were a hot bike, and rolls were the exact same bike except for the graphics. ultimately, there would be price point bikes from rolls, just as there would be from colnago. e-RICHIE

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> Dear Listmembers,
> I'd appreciate any recollections,opinions or hyperbole regarding
> the
> builder and or marketers of the Rolls bike in the photos link
> below.
> I'm reasearcing on behalf of a much enamored owner of several of
> these.
> He has his theories about the origins of the breed. I've hoping to
> hoping confirm, deny or further confuse him with your help.
> Thanks!
> Jim Cunningham
> CyclArtist
> Vista, CA >>

Gilbert Anderson

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