Re: [CR]Chome & paint seat lug

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 19:00:27 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Chome & paint seat lug
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Bob Atwood wrote:
> Recent remarks on the Cinelli SC with its (apparently) half painted half
> chromed seat lug brought to mind my Atala. It is a 1962 Atala
> Professional and has a half-chromed half painted seat lug. I gather this
> is somewhat unusual.

You cannot plate chrome on an inside diameter under a certain dimension. The result is clouded looking chrome. The seat lug and seat stay junction on a frame contains many inside radius that won't chrome properly. One solution is to cover with paint the parts that are clouded chrome plate.

It has something to do with the electricity field that chroming involves. I suggest a search on if you'd like to know more about the chroming process and its limitations.

Chuck Schmidt
South Pasadena, Southern California