[CR]Baby sport (Was Steel Campagnolo crankarms and aluminium chainrings )

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 17:16:51 -0400
From: Leonard Bulger <bulger@erim-int.com>
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Subject: [CR]Baby sport (Was Steel Campagnolo crankarms and aluminium chainrings )

Campy used to make parts for juvenile racing bikes (not BMX). They had a crank that that was called the Baby Sport or Sport Baby. It looked like an aluminum 3 pin Sport with short arms. The chainring was small; maybe 36 teeth. About 20 years ago I saw a Cinelli with one of these and 18" sewups. I've also seen a Gitane track bike with 18 inch sewups, but it had French parts. These bike were built of lightweight tubing and good parts, just like a real racing bike except they were small.

Leonard Bulger Ann Arbor, MI

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>> The smallest Campy ring is 42 teeth unless you mug a lucky kid with a
>> Cinelli Baby Sport and steel his chainring.
>Which will get you what?
>You got me curious--can guess, but really don't know what a Cinelli Baby
>Sport is.
>Pete Geurds
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