[CR]italian Masi frame

From: "Feeken, Dirk" <dirk.feeken@sap.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:15:35 +0200
Subject: [CR]italian Masi frame

Can somebody help me dating an italian Masi Prestige frame? http://home.t-online.de/home/dirk.feeken/Masi/masi.html It is a Prestige but has two special features I haven't seen before. It is not painted silver but covered with clear coat, so the bare metal and the silver of the brazing is clearly visible. Very nice. It has also "aero" lever braze ons and the cables run through the tubes of the frame with nicely brazed on outlets. Looks like the frame at the bw picture of Faliero Masi at the CR Masi italy page. The numbers at the BB shell are FT55 822 55 is the size. Does "FT" stand for the builder and is 822 specifying "second frame of 1982" like at american Masis? It has also the rear fork ends from 1979-84 with the threads for the Portacatena chain holder. So I hope the frame is on topic here.

Unfortunately the frame is far too small for me. So I would like to swap it for a larger (63cm) equivalent frame. So, if by any chance somebody has such a frame in a large size or a frame builder who likes Masis is reading this ;-) don't hesitate to contact me.


BTW: ignore the cheap head set and BB

Dirk Feeken