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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 07:34:17 -0400
To: ("Classic List")
Subject: Re: [CR]Lotus: From the Used Bike Buyers Guide

From the Used Bicycle Buyers Guide. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

LOTUS: Lotus/Tsunoda company. Early distributor was Alpha Cycle Supply, P.O. Box 3, Syosset, NY. Japan/Taiwan. Founded by Sid Start. Now name owned by Sears.
       Classique 82 Tange
       VS-1 Grand Prix 82 Steel
       VS-3 Unique 82 Tange
       VS-4 Eclair 82 Tange
       Excelle 80-89 Tange Triple Butted
       Triomphe 83-86 SL or SP
       Legend Comp 84 Columbus
       Prestige 84 Tange #2
       Supreme 85-86 SLX
       Elan 75 87 Prestige
       Prestige 87 Prestige
       Elite 600 87 Tange #2