Re: [CR]CR]Built-up lugs and heating joints

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Subject: Re: [CR]CR]Built-up lugs and heating joints
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 11:32:30 -0700

Dale, These are not Hayden blanks though Richard has those. The single lug pic from his website appears to be the same lug as is on the finished head tube (if Im in error - its there). Ive seen that bike and the lugs are stainless. These are made by welding stainless steel tubing at appropraite angles. the welds are filed away, the cutouts and edge shaping is all done by Richard with files, drills, etc. to plain very thick SS tubing. Ive seen the tube parts. The welded lugs and a bike in process sits in front of my own order. The reduction of tube wall thickness to final after all the shaping and brazing is "impressive".

The list can guess but Richard's email is attached......

Tom Rawson
Oakland, CA

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> << ...if you want to be astounded look at these pictures of Richard Moon's SS
> lug and now know that it is made in just this way - welded tubes to achieve
> the angles, lines and material he wanted.
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> I will be surprised if those are not Hayden blanks..And it looks like chrome
> rather than stainless. Anyone know?
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