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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 00:14:18 +0900

I had a Marnati 1983 which unfortunately crashed against a car . The head decal is almost equal but mine was simpler ; only blue M in a yellow shield. There was not any rainbow stripes or something near the shield. I suspect double-tapered seat stays are attached directly( no plugs) to the sides of seatlug and M are engraved on the fork crown.
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> Here is what I have in the Used Bike Guide for Marnati. This is a nice
> looking bike with C-Record in 55cm size. I've asked for better pics. Has
> anyone seen a Marnati decaled frame? Lou Deeter Orlando FL
> MARNATI, Umberto: via Delfico 26, Milano, Italy. Built for Legnano. Now
> run by Umberto's son Danielle.