[CR]late night musings

From: "Jay Van De Velde" <jaysport@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 00:45:18 -0700
Subject: [CR]late night musings

I&nbsp; was browsing through a bookshelf at a friend's house, an avowed car nut, and noticed he had some books that&nbsp;were remarkably similar to&nbsp;a section&nbsp;on my shelves.These books detail&nbsp;the rebuilding of an Indian motorcycle or a vintage sports car, the restoration of a 50 year old Chris Craft runabout or a Herreshoff sloop.This genre of books typically have the author restore the vintage whatever, which can be something he lusted after in his youth or perhaps something of his father's.&nbsp;He will take the reader&nbsp;along on his journey to uncover&nbsp;it's history, the search for obscure parts and the thrill of their discovery, the joy of&nbsp;acquiring new skills once thought beyond his ability and finally taking to the road/water&nbsp;with the newly restored object of desire. Along the way we are introduced to craftsmen and characters of the industry who share some tales and lore of the good ol' days. In the end there is some personal reflection or understanding of lessons learned. I'm sure another addition to this genre with our beloved bikes as the subject would sell a few copies(maybe only a few).I have seen some subtle displays of wit in a few CR postings, and&nbsp;we all&nbsp;know there are plenty of characters here to provide volumes of color. There must be someone,perhaps one of the CR list lurkers or posters, with a literary bent who thinks this book would be worth writing. And maybe it would be published, just after the $50 coffee table&nbsp;book,right? ------------------------------------------ Jay" not holding my breath"&nbsp;Van De Velde ------------------------------------------ Seal Beach,CA

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