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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:43:53 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]1958 Campagnolo Crankset Relisted on Ebay - and a questio n

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Hi, Mark and members who are Campy colector.

It is interesting to study this OLD cranks. What I know are; 1958-59 has "caps" Then, 59-60 has no cap but does have extra groove beside screw thread of the pedal hole. And still "space" under the spider arms. The arm is rrelatively "narrow" and there is no "raised" enforcement at crank shaft hole (it is flat at back of spider arm).

Then, Campy probably redesigned the shape of crank arm in 60 to 61(?), my guess, the wider no more raised hole for road cranks, but kept the "raised hole" for PISTA units. I know another person has raised Pista 151 BCD crankset, I and him studied and discussed about this matter, and we agree that PISTA unit was conservative and had to take such load from sprint, so there were the raised holes till possible till mid 60's(????).

I remeber, even in early 70's, some track racer were using 151 BCD with 1/8" chain wheel. There was no need of using smaller rings as 44T for fixed gear!

Again thses are mostly my GUESS works, I would like list member to come up more real historical"facts" in this matter. Thanks in advance!

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