[CR]Fat tubulars reprise

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: youngc@NetReach.Net
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 10:13:41 US/Eastern
Subject: [CR]Fat tubulars reprise

Aldo and CR fellow fat tubular fanatics:

I just received a set of the Challenge Paris-Roubaix tubulars purportedly handmade using the original Clement molds. Perhaps you will recall Aldo's earlier (enthusiastic) announcement of these tires and his subsequent lament about how they were so lumpy and bumpy that he returned them. The pair that I received appear to be OK; I had my LBS owner dry fit them on a wheel to check before I carted them home.

Any one out there that has tried these? I know I wouldn't have ordered them if I'd recollected Aldo's experience (even with a sample size of 2, I'd have thought that they would all be a bit on the crude side). They sure look BIG after years of running 21s and 23s and it takes quite a few more strokes to fill them up. Here's hoping that they ride nicely as well; I'm expecting plushness.

For those Cirque attendees who want a look at them, they'll be on the Hetchins that I am bringing. Hey Dale - Any cobblestone stretches in the Greensboro area?

Charlie Young
Honeybrook, PA