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Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 06:41:34 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR]Campagnolo - The Italian Bully

>I thought of having, in the mold of those replicas, an X super imposed over
>the Campagnolo label!
>A negative message toward Campy but allowing the product to be produced under
>a freedom of speech issue.....

i cant see why that wouldnt get a phone call either... still uses the campy logo, even if theres an "x" over it.

the logo is a trademark, copyrighted and all that. it is *owned* by campagnolo. regardless of how or why you use it without their permission, theres still the chance that theyll take interest in it. putting an "x" over a company's logo wont protect you under "freedom of speech" - its *still* a copyright violation - youve *still* used the logo. heck, you could probably get asked to cease and desist if you were using the world logo with another world rather than campagnolo, or a marginally different logo that we all knew was supposed to look like the compy logo... copyrights are funny things, and companies like to protect brand identities.

i too would have to wonder what would have happened if either:

a) the hoods had been made without the logos - i mean, really - logos or no, theyre reproductions, and theyre most likely headed for user bikes, and i dont really think that having a campy logo on your repro brake hood is going to affect your enjoyment of the ride. if you want campy logo hoods for your concours restoration, chances are youre gonna want originals anyhow...

b) campy had simply been asked. you never know - a companys reaction can be quite different when faced with the situation of "hey, this guy is asking if he can remake something we dont make anymore and have no intention of making again" rather than "hey, i just discovered some guy is knocking off our old brake hoods and using out logo! did you know about that?"


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