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I've noticed that with a lot of advertisers in VW Trends, Hot VW's etc as well. Its funny that VW will request that the hood ornament be blacked out in an ad, but on the facing page may be a full color picture of the same bus in a feature article.

Many parts on the other hand still have the logos on them. An excellent example are aftermarket hubcaps with the VW or wolfsburg logo on them. -JD

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Hello Jeremiah,

I also have a '69 Beetle and VW does police its brandname... Many VW user group websites that display the name "Volkswagen" are now complaining about receiving "cease and desist" letters from VW to remove the VW name from their websites.

The strange thing is that most sites that use the name are VW Clubs and VW of America does not realize how it is shooting itself in the foot and creating ill-will through these legal actions.

Why alienate your most loyal customers when VW of A doesn't license the name to its own user groups?

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> Bob Atwood
> Mesa, AZ wrote-
> >> "Replacement" gum hood are available, just not ones with the Campy
> logo. The part you
> >>purchase for your antique VW is probably not VW "branded" but an
> aftermarket item.
> FYI, there are many aftermarket parts bearing the VW and Wolfsburg
> crests. Almost all are not made by VW. I know for a fact that
> providing these parts even 30 years after the demise of the model has
> kept a certain amount of "brand loyalty" among VW owners, and would
> probably help Campganolo more than hurt them.
> Jeremiah "Now, how do I carry my '72 Super Corsa on the back of my '72
> beetle?" Deneski Dayton, Ohio