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Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 12:29:01 -0700 (PDT)
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Just out of curiosity, do you see a potential strong parallel between VW and Campy? What I'm thinking is this: Most VW fanatics seem to strongly favor the old air-cooled models, like Beatles and vans. I imagine that there must be a significant portion of these people who are in no way potential customers for a modern VW. I mean, if you love Beatles, are you going to drive a $40,000 W8 Passat or, God forbid, a New Beatle? Similarly, the folks who love Campy for it's durability, flexibility, simplicity and old world charm, the majority of your CR types, are probably not interested in 10-speed Ergo groups and carbon crankarms. I have to wonder of VW and Campy haven't already written off the "nostalgia" market. I think for cars there is more potential for people to remain brand loyal, since most people "need" a modern car and may be willing to stick with the brand they love. With bike gear it is pretty unnecessary to have the recent stuff. Personally, I think Campy has strayed so far that Shimano is the Campy of the 21st century. They don't change their stuff half as often and interchangabilty is better maintained.

Questor <> wrote: Hello Jeremiah,

I also have a '69 Beetle and VW does police its brandname... Many VW user group websites that display the name "Volkswagen" are now complaining about receiving "cease and desist" letters from VW to remove the VW name from their websites.

The strange thing is that most sites that use the name are VW Clubs and VW of America does not realize how it is shooting itself in the foot and creating ill-will through these legal actions.

Why alienate your most loyal customers when VW of A doesn't license the name to its own user groups?

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> Bob Atwood
> Mesa, AZ wrote-
> >> "Replacement" gum hood are available, just not ones with the Campy
> logo. The part you
> >>purchase for your antique VW is probably not VW "branded" but an
> aftermarket item.
> FYI, there are many aftermarket parts bearing the VW and Wolfsburg
> crests. Almost all are not made by VW. I know for a fact that
> providing these parts even 30 years after the demise of the model has
> kept a certain amount of "brand loyalty" among VW owners, and would
> probably help Campganolo more than hurt them.
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