Re: [CR]what is this nonsense about not being conterfeit????????

Example: Framebuilding

From: "carl derrick" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]what is this nonsense about not being conterfeit????????
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 19:45:59 +0000

Exactly. The same goes for those who reproduce catlogos, outdated or otherwise, and sell them for a profit.

>From: "art blum" <>
>Subject: [CR]what is this nonsense about not being conterfeit????????
>Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 12:29:27 -0700
>I am a bit shocked about the scruples of people who feel this is OK? We
>went through this with Hetchins and people were upset but these same people
>think it is OK with Campagnolo. The seller was trying to profit from the
>Campagnolo logo, if he made some and gave them to friends fine, but he was
>marketing them through EBAY for top dollar. I would be happy with an
>accurate Campagnolo copy hood without the Logo for $20. Campagnolo should
>have control of the products that have their marque, after all it is their
>quality I presume made many of you such Campagnolo fanatics. They have no
>control of non logo copies because I doubt if they were patented and if
>they were patentable the patent would have expired by now. Make your own if
>you need the logo on your hood but don't market what is obviously a
>conterfeit. It would be nice if Campagnolo licensed or started production
>again but it does not look like that will happen. I always like Campagnolo
>Brevetta or Patent Campagnolo much bet
>ter than Triplex.
>BrIAN CHIlly in Berkeley (I have no Windsors with Cinelli stickers)
>PS: I am not the Campagnolo police just an amazed onlooker.