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I think the issue is we're talkin' peanuts from a small group of annoying (to Campy) bike nerds, versus old car owners and RUB's (rich urban bikers) that often spend mega-bucks for automotive or Harley or BMW restoration parts. I've got a former neighbor that has at least $100K in Harley stuff, and that's just one guy. There just ain't enuf dough involved here (sadly, because I'd spend a weeks' pay on Super Record spares in a heartbeat, but I'm weird).

Greg "make that first re-pop forging die a 175 Strada right-hand please " Parker A2 MI USA Where the weather is FINALLY looking near-stunning (could be a spot warmer).

P.S. Herb, as a former 2002/tii owner (about 15 of the little buggers), I know BMW has been reponsible about (and made money at) making '02 parts. However, I think the BMWCCA played a huge part in that. If we had a comparable organization / club for vintage Campy-equipped bikes, Campagnolo just might listen. It's primarily about numbers to them.

P.P.S. If we could get something started with Campy, I'd volunteer to invest in the tooling....

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> Just like BMW has a company making parts for their vintage motorcycles,
> there is a company called British Motor Heritage which makes and in many
> cases licenses out the remanufacture of components for many popular British
> sports cars such as Triumph and MG. They even go so far as to
> remanufacture - to a better standard then original - complete bodies for
> MGB's and TR6's along with the tiny mundane items required to keep old
> sports cars on the road. So I have to wonder - why doesn't Campagnolo see
> the opportunity - it surely exists and a president (sic) is firmly
> established
> with other well respected and (sometimes) profitable companies?
> Eric Elman
> Somers, CT
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> From: "Herb Langston"
> > Vintage BMWs are very popular for restorations/vintage shows/riding/etc.,
> > but parts were hard to find and very expensive, so people started
> > "re-manufacturing" them. It was quite a big industry until BMW put their
> > foot down and stopped it with an army of lawyers. But rather than being
> > spoilers, they licensed and contracted a Swiss company to reproduce parts
> > (to higher quality standards) to keep the vintage BMWs on the road. They
> > realized that old BMWs running down the highway looking like new was
> > actually good for their image, and it built brand loyalty.