[CR]RIH _ (was Odd eBay Colnago/de Vlaeminck)

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Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 19:15:02 -0700
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Subject: [CR]RIH _ (was Odd eBay Colnago/de Vlaeminck)

if youre ever in amsterdam, the RIH shop is a neat one to drop by - i cant seem to find the address right now, but its a great place - the guy who runs the place is getting on in years, but still builds frames, and has had more than a few dutch champions ride his work if i recall correctly... friend of mine here in sf has a really neat pursuit frame with a 650 front wheel and some nice gusset work... always thought it wouldve been neat to buy a frame as a memento of my a'dam visits, but i always end up broke about the time that occurs to me :)

>Interesting this seller also has an RIH bike for sale. This is the brand of
>frame the Jocelyn Lovell, one of Canada's top rider of the 70's rode at one
>point. I have a jpeg somewhere of Jocelyn on the velodrome in the Montreal
>on an RIH track bike.

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