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Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 19:10:45 -0700
From: Steve Maas <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Azuki bicycles--Used Bike Guide
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Lou, Nath:

No, I'm not the Steve Maas who was the racer. Hmmm....tough enough having an unusual name; it becomes a real problem when someone else has the same unusual name. There is a guy in the same business as me, with the same name, and people are always getting us confused. One place I worked there was a guy named Steve Moss; we got to know each other really well, in our almost-daily meetings to exchange mail that was delivered to the wrong Steve M.

Sheldon Brown's web site lists Azuki as a house brand of a bike shop in Louisville Kentucky. But that's all it says.

Thanks for the info.

Regards, Steve

nath wrote:
> Lou, Steve--
> Was Azuki the house brand of some Louisville, KY bike shop? Imported from
> Japan, of course. (Something tells me this was the case, but I might be
> remembering it all wrong.)
> The headbadge (in my memory) sure looks like a Nishiki badge. . . .
> But I also noticed in the Buyer's Guide that American Eagle is listed as the
> same as Takara, though I'm pretty sure it was the original US name for
> Nishiki. (I had a yellow 1971 American Eagle Custom--gas pipe--and traded
> it in at the same shop for a 1972 Nishiki Competition cro-mo touring frame.
> Same badge, but different name.)
> I sold the Competition to a fellow in Pennsylvania; I wonder if he's got it
> on the road yet. . . .
> On another note, I just took my c. 1984 Fuji Del Rey out today on its newly
> laced Weimann concave rims, Sunshine mid-flange hubs, and Continental Ultra
> Gator Skin 27x1.25s. Nice wheels! (I think the Fuji was as happy as I am
> with them.)
> nath dresser
> spring green, wi