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Subject: Re: [CR]Azuki bicycles
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 07:41:09 -0500

Kenji, Jim, Lou, Steve--

Thanks for clearing up that mystery for me! I knew I'd remembered reading about a connection between Azuki and KY, so I'm glad to learn that the real connection is Kawamura Cycle (=Nishiki and Azuki), and that Azukis were sold in CA. (Unless they were also or later sold through Louisville, too.)

I do remember seeing Azukis in North Carolina in the 70s and/or 80s, and the headbadge really did look similar to Nishiki's headbadge. Always made me wonder. . . .

I'm not familiar with the frames themselves, but if they're cro-mo, I'd say you're buying a nice pair of bikes, Steve--especially if they've got SunTour components. My Nishiki Competition came with SunTour V-GT derailleurs, a Sugino Mighty Competition crank, Sunshine hubs and Araya rims (clincher). (The Custom had a carbon steel frame and came with Shimano Eagle derailleurs, not nearly the quality of the SunTour and a cottered crank, if I remember right.) Significance is relative, I guess, but if my Nishiki Competition had been an inch smaller, I'd still have it today.

When you pick up your Azukis, Steve, can you let us know what they feature (crankset, derailleurs, hubs and such)?

Good luck!

nath dresser
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