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Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 03:39:27 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Another MASI to ID...
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Gang members,

There it is folks. That odd serial number I've told so many of you about. The first 25 frames finished were a batch of 57cm frames. Simonetti started off with this system. Forgot about the "A" before the size. I remember the other part which was "1 S" which stood for 1st series, and then the number between 01 and 25. It was considered potentially too complicated so the second batch of frames (56cm) began in with the MC bit and the frame size and then the serial number above as we normally see. Wayne, you own of the first 25 CA Masis built. One think for sure, not that it matters, but Mario and Faliero had their hands all over that thing along with several other talented people. The only early batch of frames that happened before I was hired. Date of birth can be considered about Oct. or Nov. 1973.

Sorry to not have mentioned this prior to giving you this critical information but I do charge a fee for these pieces of historical data. I think your white and yellow Confente might just about cover it. I'll let you know where you can ship it. Please make sure it arrives undamaged. Thank you very much. As long as you have exotic bikes to pay me with; feel free to ask any question you like.

BTW, the 3ttt bar and stem (if it's still there) and the M logo 3ttt saddle are the real deal. Everest freewheel and chain?

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA The answer man strikes again. Hold on to your wallet.
> Hi all,
> It¹s been quite a while since I¹ve posted anything to the list, instead,
> lurking about & reading your posts.
> Since I just picked up a couple of interesting bikes (!!), I thought I¹d ask
> for the list¹s help in identifying a Masi Gran Criterium with a serial
> number that looks strangely un-Californian to me. Anyone know
> what/where/when this one is?
> The cranks & rear derailleur are dated Œ73, it has a ttt saddle with the
> Masi ³M² on the sides (looks like UnicaNitor), and the bike looks like most
> mid-¹70s Masi GC¹s I¹ve seen. It just doesn¹t have that ³MC² I¹m used to
> seeing on them.
> I found this Masi GC hanging along side of an Eisentraut ³Limited², and a
> fully chromed Singer touring (internal wiring, brazed racks, Singer stem &
> seatpost, Ideale 90 alloy...!!). These were hanging in a small local bike
> shop, and after going back four times, I convinced the shop owner to sell me
> all three bikes... I¹m a happy boy! Now for lots of cleaning, and making
> them all proper once again (some odd replacement parts on them...). I¹ll
> post pictures on my web space in a couple of days for anyone interested in
> seeing them, but first off, I was hoping for your help with this Masi from
> the BB numbers....


> Thanks much,


> Duane Kennard