Re: [CR]using classic bicycles

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Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 09:41:41 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]using classic bicycles

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> regarding the thread about using versus 'collecting',
> ferrari and masi were the dropped names.
> as far as i know, the ferraris that you can buy
> are not for racing, they are for driving within the
> speed limit. and the masi bicycles that were
> race-ready in the 70s are useless in today's
> racing environment.
> what's wrong with racing on modern, more
> worthy stuff, and just appreciating the bicycles
> and parts that make up the history that brought
> us to this point in time?

A good point, but you could in fact buy a Ferrari and race it, as well as buy road going versions. Today the difference between race car and street car is wider, even in amateur events, if only in the more stringent safety requirements. Maybe the old Masi is not a good race bike in todays world, but it would still be a fun ride if ridden hard by someone with the legs for it would it not? (btw: that's ridden hard as opposed to abused) Just loafing along on a race bike is kind of boring? It's too bad the bicycle hobby isn't big enough to support vintage racing. Say as an example, 70's vintage frames with appropriate components, limits on gearing, allowances for wear items like tires would have to be made. Just a thought.

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, PA