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Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 10:20:15 -0400
Subject: RE: [CR]Re:Loafing on a bicycle

Although our classic racing bikes are in no way competitive in serious races, I must say that I have had an absolute hoot racing my all original 1971 Raleigh Pro in the local velo club's Tuesday night race series! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to experience what it like to ride in a fast paceline or zoom around a crit course. I have actually won the last two races in the "B" group, a crit and a road race (how could this be?). The first races of the season I struggled just to finish! At this level of competition the bike and it's components don't seem to be much of a limiting factor. Shifting is probably the one area that is a slight disadvantage. I think most clubs have these sort of races with the big guys populating the "A" group and us lesser mortals racing in the "B" and "C" groups. Our club runs a time trial early in the season to dtermine the grouping with the 25 mph and over guys in the A group, 20 to 25 in the B, and 20 and under in the C group. It is a real blast and gives some variety to using our old machines!

Paul Raley (still sore from Tuesday's finish sprint!) Leonardtown MD wrote:
>Actually, loafing along on a vintage bicycle is pretty much what I do these days and find it much better than not riding at all.  In fact, I enjoy it!  I think racing on classic bikes would be neat, but I wouldn't want to use my classic body to try it.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL