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Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 11:38:03 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]using classic bicycles

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> the masi bicycles that were race-ready in the 70s are useless in today's
> racing environment.
> what's wrong with racing on modern, more worthy stuff,

Wow. I am really sorry to hear you feel this way. Though the componentry has been improved in some cases (like Campy NR rear derailers ? clipless pedals ?), these bits can usually be replaced onto the 70s Masi frame. After that, I would consider the Masi competitive with a modern Giant TCR or Trek 5900.

Is there really something about carbon fiber and aluminium, 1 1/8" hidden-sets and "compact" geometries that is such an improvement that the older steel Masi frame is now useless for racing ? From personal experience, I am actually measurably faster on my re-fitted 1973 Raleigh Pro than on my modern Ti-mobile (which seems a bit flexy in the bbkt).

While working at the local shop, I had to ride every bike, at least for a test ride. I could have purchased any of the Trek, Specialized or Giant line at below cost, but never found anything that was attractive. The Raleigh Pro, my Nishiki Continental tourer, my old Columbus-tubed Trek 930TX and my Raleigh Competition all meet different needs better than anything currently available. That's why I own them. That they are also beautiful, if somewhat rusty here and there, is also nice, but not terribly important to me. (I keep the Ti-mobile to ride in inclement conditions.)

My Competition came with a cool-looking Huret Jubilee rear derailer, which I rode for a while then replaced with a different and modern part that actually shifted reliably. Glad for the chance to have experienced the Jubilee, but also glad to be able to replace it with a Shimano Exage 400 EX that was lying around the shop.

I mean no disrespect here, but have to ask: are your current frames somehow better than the vintage Masi's you refer to above, or do you consider yours "useless in today's racing environment" as well ? Are they intended for other purposes than racing ?

Ride to live, collect to ride !

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC