Re: [CR]Depression (sorry it's off-topic)

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Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 13:17:05 -0400
From: "Larry Osborn" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Depression (sorry it's off-topic)
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>you know what? Mike still could not enjoy the Cirque,
>or the company, because (I suspect) his illness didn't
>allow it. That led to a decision.
>I carry around a list in my briefcase.
>1. Be around positive people
>2. Keep a regular sleep schedule
>3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs
>4. Exercise regularly
>5. Do something New every once in a while
>6. Express yourself..
>7. Be good to yourself.
>I should add number 8 which is to take my medicine.
>With its help to rebalance the brain chemistry I find
>that the world really is a much better place. I can
>make decisions (even if just to spite my wonderful
>wife). The kids are great. I recently took up horse
>riding lessons to do something new and be with the
>kids. I rejuventated my love of classic bicycles.
>There is likely nothing that anyone could have done
>for Mike. However, please know that Depression is an
>illness that can be treated. Furthermore, those who
>are afflicted often do not (cannot) recognize it and
>ask for help.

To that I would add

9. Don't work without a safety net. A few friends need to know what the heck is going on. In each of your environments; home, work, play, whereever. Regardless of the situation; depression, heart condition, epilepsy, diabetes, fill in the blank. Please. Yeah yeah, I know, admitting to other people that we might need help doesn't fit in with our macho image, but when that moment comes your friends will have their hands full. Don't add to the mayhem by making them guess what's wrong.

Osborn where cell phones don't always work to call 911 the ambulance won't find you anyway it's a long long trip to the emergency room I'll drive, again. WV