Re: [CR]using classic bicycles, well?

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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 04:23:11 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]using classic bicycles, well?
From: "Dennis Cotcamp" <>
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On 5/9/02 10:52 PM, "Richard M Sachs" <> wrote:
> e-CHUCKIE wrote:
> <OOOUUFFF!!! A glancing blow that just missed connecting with my
> chin. I'm reeling, a little dazed, but still standing...>
> //////////////////////////////////////////
> well...
> call me shallow.
> but i AM curious.
> in the past, we've done the 'average age' thing,
> the 'how many bikes' thing, the 'if you could
> buy anything' thing...
> how many folks have well, you know,
> have RACED? and at what level?
> me-i'm a cat 2 on road and track.
> that and a dime will get me 2 nickels.
> but it has helped me to shape my equipment
> choices and the opinions i expressed today
> as a listmember.

I've been just reading until now, but very interested in this thread. I 'wasted' my youth swimming and running, so I never raced on a classic bike 'in the day', but I'm an active racer now. I also own a pair of early 70's Masi GC's.

I must say that I agree entirely with Richard. This is not to say that a classic bike couldn't be raced well, nor that someone significantly stronger than me couldn't whip me while riding a classic bike. Racing, though, usually involves riders with pretty closely matched fitness, and in that setting, I believe equipment choices do matter. I think modern components are especially helpful.

To continue the example Richard mentioned, when I'm out of the saddle doing all I can to follow wheels on the climb over Brandon Gap, being able to shift while standing is a big help. I'd say the same thing goes in a group sprint, or when trying to attack and open a gap.

Dennis Cotcamp
Saginaw, MI