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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 08:37:15 -0600

What is Open or Closed C Shifters. My Doniselli has Gran Sports on it and is from the early 60's. I am guessing it is the C in Campy. I probably have the "cheaper" ones as this bike, like my mountain bikes as well, is slow uphill or against the wind.

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Subject: [CR]Another New Market High

Dale, is this another record for "Top of the Market" list? Gran Sport "Open C" shifters for $308. Ebay really confirms the old adage "It's worth what someone is willing to pay", but I'm still continually amazed by some of these things, especially the value of a "C". I sold a set of old Gran Sport "Closed C" shifters this past weekend for 5 bucks!

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church, VA