[CR]Now for some MEAT, Pt. III

(Example: Humor)

Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 10:05:06 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <rocklube@adnc.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Now for some MEAT, Pt. III

Enough of the crap about how "touchy feely good" everything was and on to the meat of the event. Having survived breakfast, where spewing coffee and French Toast through one's nose is a very real and present danger thanks to Jan and Peter, Steve Kinne, Chuckles, and Mike Kone. Why is it that EVERYTHING is funny with these guys? Wouldn't matter what the topic is, morbid or otherwise, it's always drop dead funny. We were even laughing at the fact that we were talking about something not really funny and still couldn't stop. It's like being a giggleing 8 year old for crying out loud. Add this up all day long all the way through to lights out at 2am and you can begin to understand the toll it takes on your stomach.

At last we arrive at the Rec. center and all are anxious to hear what the four speaking guests have to say. Richie had prepared for us a sumptious feast of both "the New Yorker" magazine covers related to bicycles (which he protected from harm with the intensity of a badger) and a full spread of lugs. Which reminds me, earlier that morning in the lobby of the hotel, Richie treated us to a game of "name that lug" where each person blindly reached into his crate of bagged lugsets and picked out a set which we had to attempt to identify. Beats Jeopardy in my book! Just another example of that special time in the morning.

The lead-off speaker was the distinguished Hilary Stone. The topic was English component companies. Hilary had prepared for us a slide show that complimented his spoken word and he proceeded to probe a subject that could fill volumes within the space of an hour. Lovely presentation for those who love neat old bike parts and the related details and history, which is most if not all of us. Personally I'm quite ignorant of the components that predate my personal interest in bikes beginning in 1971. My peabrain can only hold so much information so when it come to stuff like this all one needs to know is who to ask to get the answer you might need. Hilary certainly has the answers. A delightful man and again completely approachable and charming. A five minute break and then Richard Sachs was due to take the stage. I was having a bit of a time maintaing conscienceness during Hilarys presentation thanks to Lou Deeter pouring the MASI wine before the start (from which I kept the cork to hang from the saddle of my '62 Masi), some jet lag, and the 3am turn-in the night before(thanks AGAIN, Chuck). A stretch of the legs and a whiff of fresh air and I was ready for The Richard Sachs Roadshow!

Have to pause here to take care of a few things. Back later, much later. Don't you hate that when they cut to commercial right when something BIG is about to happen? Sorry folks, can't help it; I'm from California. Hollywood is in my blood. Find something else to do for a while.

Brian Baylis La Mesawood, CA Cut! That's a wrap! This baby's in the can.