[CR]More Cirque Musings.....and thanks to Cheslyn.

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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 22:30:01 -0700
Subject: [CR]More Cirque Musings.....and thanks to Cheslyn.

Brian B has conveyed well the events as they unfolded at the Cirque as viewed by us punks from California. I was nursing a nasty case of Bronchitis but that didn't dampen my spirits at all, even if I SOUNDED like a 4 unfiltered pack-a-day chain smoker turning away from conversations now and again and barking away.

From start to finish it was a whirlwind adventure meeting and talking with known folk and unmet friends. Some of these guys I have been buying/selling/trading with for quite some time. It was like meeting the wizard (or Barron) from behind the curtain.

As Brian mentioned, the "Guess that lug-set Jeopardy" by Richard was one of many really cool event vignettes that occurred. I could almost hear Jay and the Americans singing "This Magic Moment". The Seminar, the Bike Show and finding all sorts of neat-o trinkets at the Swap was vintage cycle heaven!!

Besides having Dale Knighted and Canonized for his brilliant work, I wanted to give Cheslyn Sugg ( I hope I have that right) a special thanks from Brian, Chuck and myself. After the Sunday event was over and everyone was wandering home. Brian, Chuck and I thought we would hoof-it back to the Battleground. The funny part was that Chuck had a big duffel bag of shirts and such, Brian had his two bike frames and a set of Jay's wooden wheels freshly purchased (Jay also bought Pete Paine's Claude Butler so he could cycle back) I had a overflowing backpak, a Rochet bicycle in one hand, a Nobilette folding frame on my shoulder and a big bag of books and cycling ephemera in the other. We went several blocks like this, refugees of a vintage cycle event, and just as we were wondering whose fine idea this was Cheslyn rolls up in his truck and gives a ride back to the hotel. That was a very good thing-So thanks Cheslyn!!

I'm looking forward to next year already!

Matt Gorski
Belmont Shore, CA