[CR]Re: Vintage headlights anyone?

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Date: 13 May 2002 15:42:22 -0000
From: "Steve Kurt" <kurtsj@mtco.com>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Vintage headlights anyone?

Hi Mark, I'll admit that I haven't searched out vintage lights, but most of my night riding is on a new bike (built with silver brazed lugs, tho!). As far as bulbs are concerned, I'd recommend using whatever quality bulbs fit your requirements. No one will know if they are halogen or not! :-) If needed, it's not hard to add a couple of zener diodes to a dynamo light to protect the bulb at high speeds, or in the event of a taillight burning out. I can provide details off-list, if desired. My memories of lights from the mid 70's were not all that good. I have a little block dynamo (Soubitez?) that was not bad, but it was noisy and had a lot of drag. The Wonder battery powered lights were pretty poor, and required an odd battery pack. There were some curious little lights that you would strap to a leg for visibility. Haven't seen them in a long time. The venerable Belt Beacon was a marvel, for a product of the late 70's. It was a simple two transistor circuit that made a bulb blink, but it provided a considerable amount of visibility. How good were the lights from the 50's and 60's? The S-A Dynohub was rumored to be well made, but a tad weak. What about the flashlights that attached to the front racks of the randonneur bikes (i.e. Herses and Singers)?

Steve Kurt Peoria, IL

> For some time I have been wondering if you night riders frequently go so far
> as to seek out period correct vintage battery or generator powered
> headlights. Like the vintage bikes, it seems to me that many of these lights
> are also artful, just plain more attractive than much of what is available
> today.. Several from the 50's and 60's still have that unmistakable deco
> flare, remaining late examples of machine age art. I remember that they
> made halogen bulbs in the early 70's for certain optical instruments, but
> cannot recall if they were used in bike lights that early. From the looking
> at ebay there must be quite an interest, as there are lots of offerings. For
> the short time I have been a listmember, I have not heard any discussion
> about lights. But I would not be surprised if it had been a subject in

> past.


> Mark Cutrufelli

> in Laurel, MD