[CR]snubbed by the experts

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Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 16:13:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Neill Currie" <neill1234@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]snubbed by the experts

Neill Currie wrote:
> Seems to me, that the lure of the $$ is a wee bit
> stronger than the desire to run a scrupulous
> business, in this case.

Some of the businesses and individuals you slur here are respected CR list members, so whether your opinions are valid or not, your tone is inappropriate. I feel you should apologize and refrain from such slurs on the list in the future.

By the way, I am not a frame refinisher, I'm a guy who wishes I could buy any rare decals I want without paying for a full paint job. Wouldn't that be nice? I wish I had a million dollars, too.

Mark Bulgier Seattle, Wa USA --------------- I made no slur, and I expressed myself in a fashion that I think is very pertinent and appropriate. I am sorry that you seem to be so hurt by my openly-expressed viewpoint. In future, please bear in mind that it is a free country, and that no-one is forcing you to read what I write. There is a "delete" key.

Let me tell you the exact circumstances behind the need for a decal I had. I have a Mountain Goat "Deluxe". The decal on the downtube was damaged, about 2 letters of it were missing from carrying it in the trunk of my car. All over the rest of the bike were perfect, pristine decals showing that the bike was what it is, they are pretty distinctive bikes as well, and I have the Goat catalog which shows the frameset of that year in all its glory. I called a large cycle restoration business, explained the situation......that I wanted to replace just the one decal. Everything else about the finish being fine. Spoke with one of the owners in fact. (paraphrasing, from memory)"Sorry, we can't supply a decal without a full repaint." More checking, verbally, by me to make sure I was hearing correctly, I further explained the extent and limit of my need, still no budging, but I did find that I could get a full repaint, with decals, for $350+.

I am aware that I may make some people unhappy with my opinion again, but I think this whole decal thing is well over the top and unnecessary. About the closest analogy I can come up with, is being refused a hood decal/ornament for my 5 year-old Lexus after someone took it, unless I got a full repaint at an accredited dealership.

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