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Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 23:35:21 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Milano Sports

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<< Milano Sport

PO Box 519

Greenwich, CT 06836

tel/fax 203-869-9735

No direct knowledge of reputation. I have received brochure info from them,

but no purchases made so far. >>

His name is Greg Hohn. I lived in Greenwich for a few years when I raced. Greg worked for Gita and used to bring our Merckxs and Campy stuff to our friend Bob's shop, where we would assemble them. After I got to know him better, he used to let me come over his house and get stuff. His basement was filled with all kinds of rare, neat stuff, in addition to the stuff he distributed for Gita. He had a cool green Derosa in my size, and lots of cool Italian bikes, iirc: Pogliaghi, DeRosa, Masi. He explained how bb drop affects standover height, how steep seat tube angles affect top tube height, and other cool geometry stuff I didn't know. Lots of drawers of classic Campy, but I have not seen nor spoken with him in years.
Mark Rosenberg
San Diego, CA