[CR]Was Paletti - Now Cracked crankarms

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To: GPVB1@cs.com, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: youngc@NetReach.Net
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 16:10:50 US/Eastern
Subject: [CR]Was Paletti - Now Cracked crankarms

Help me out here folks. I see what appears to be the crack in the web in the jpg titled pal2.jpg on the listing for the Paletti:


Is this particular crankarm toast or can it be reclaimed by filing down to the innermost extent of the crack?

I have a few NR cranks and haven't taken a file to one of them yet. If any one has a jpg showing the appropriate depth and radius of a properly filed crankarm, I'd be delighted to have a copy. If not, a brief narrative on the procedure would certainly be helpful to me and to others who haven't had the pleasure of breaking one of these (yet).

Thanks, Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA
> Agreed. I saw that the first go-around. Pretty clear pic. of a cracked NR
> crankarm, no?
> That is the first time ever that I've seen a pic. showing a cracked arm on
> eBay - and I've looked at a ton of pics. of crankarms there over the years!
> I wish they were all that clear - I estimate that about 40% of the NR/SR
> cranks I've purchased on eBay were cracked (zero percent of the sellers said
> they were - some even said they weren't after I carefully explained how to
> look for the cracks...).
> Caveat Emptor!


> Greg Parker