Re: [CR]Paletti- on e-Cbay

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Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 16:59:38 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Paletti- on e-Cbay
From: Richard M Sachs <>

"Martin O. Walsh" <> writes: <<<If anyone cares to enlighten the the CR list,about Paletti Bicycles I would be very grateful. Anyone know what the M W represent on the seat stays at the seat tube on this particular Paletti?>>> Respectfully,Martin O.Walsh in Vienna,Va ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

the M and W are design elements on the seat stay top's pantographing. they, (the elements), are the bordering highlights that trap the paletti logo, which is a stylized 'LP'. Cicli Paletti 41010 Salicet Panaro (Modena) V. le Caduti sul Lavoro,20 Tel.

palettis are very cool frames. creative engraving. nice graphics. oft-times dubois lugged. mike neel
raced on them in the 70s.